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Chapter T
Chapter D
Chapter L
No. Logo Song Artist Easy Hard BPM
D-1 LD-1 Rainy Memory Rabpit 2 6 135
D-2 LD-2 Undo Yuk-cheung Chun feat. Misi Ke 4 7 141
D-3 LD-3 Hua Sui Yue V.K. 2 6 148
D-4 LD-4 I race the dawn Kevin Penkin feat. Michiyo Honda 1 8 162
D-5 LD-5 Wings of Piano V.K. 2 7 84-85
D-6 LD-6 Utopiosphere MILI 3 6 176
D-7 LD-7 Fable MILI 3 8 146
D-8 LD-8 Angelic Sphere 3R2 4 7 143
D-9 LD-9 Leviathan NeLiME 7 9 185
D-10 LD-10 Magnolia M2U Vocal by Guriri 7 9 160
D-10 LD-10 Myosotis M2U & Nicode Vocal by Guriri & Lucy 7 9 160


  • This chapter introduces Yuk-cheung Chun and Kevin Penkin.
    • Yuk-cheung Chun is a core member of Ice Bird who composed Hot Air Balloon.
    • Kevin Penkin is also known for composing another Rayark game Implosion's theme song, Way in the Dark, with vocals by Donna Burke.
  • This chapter is based off of another Rayark rhythm game called Deemo. It contains various Deemo songs.
  • Only 4 Deemo-IAP songs are in this chapter: Rainy Memory, Hua Sui Yue, I race the dawn and Fable.
  • Just like PAPARAYA in Chapter S, Ryori in Chapter R and Chapter M, LDT in Chapter T and Kai in Chapter L, all artworks are made by Aub Ergine.

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