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Chapter R
Chapter T
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Chapter T
No. Logo Song Artist Easy Hard BPM
T-1 LT-1 Penglai Movement Video Game Orchestra 3 8 157.5
T-2 LT-2 Aboriginal Video Game Orchestra 4 7 173.5
T-3 LT-3 Dutch Formosa Video Game Orchestra 7 9 156
T-4 LT-4 Empire of Japan Video Game Orchestra 2 5 84
T-5 LT-5 Money & Money Video Game Orchestra 5 7 170
T-6 LT-6 Phubbing Video Game Orchestra 4 8 120
T-7 LT-7 Protest Video Game Orchestra 6 9 144
T-8 LT-8 Catastrophe Video Game Orchestra 4 8 100
T-9 LT-9 Rebirth Video Game Orchestra 3 6 83
T-10 LT-10 A New Home Video Game Orchestra 5 8 185

Trivia Edit

  • All songs in this chapter are composed by Video Game Orchestra.
  • This chapter is about the history of Taiwan. It is based off of certain famous historical events in Taiwan, along with predictions about the future.
  • Like Chapter K, Chapter R, Chapter M & Chapter L, the songs have different names in the song selection menu.
    • Just like Chapter K, this is one of the chapters that have song icons in the artworks.
  • The icon for this chapter have the Taiwan islands as wings, with the two alien twins inside the wings, and LDT's signature and VGO's logo under them.
  • In this chapter's song selection menu, you can tap the year on any song (cover art), and it will disappear along with the 2 characters on the cover art, revealing the scene behind.
  • This chapter's songs, along with those from Chapter S, do not have the composers' names in the cover arts.
  • Video Game Orchestra (VGO for short) is a Boston, United States orchestra band that made covers from video games, including Holy Knight, Halcyon and Magnolia.
  • Just like Chapter S by PAPARAYA, Chapter R and Chapter M by Ryori, Chapter D by Aub Ergine and Chapter L by Kai, all the artworks in this chapter were illustrated by LDT and also the creator of this chapter. His signature is also included in the logo with VGO.

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