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Arrow Chapter 6

Colorful Skies Next
It's A Wonderful World
Icon Artist 3R2 Genre Trance
Vocal N/A Cover Art IGNIS Chart Design No Info
Number 6-4 Difficulty Max Combo
Length 1:57 Easy 4 382
BPM 146 Hard 9 750


Cytus - Colorful Skies02:05

Cytus - Colorful Skies

Cytus OST 3R2 - Colorful Skies (Extended Mix)06:51

Cytus OST 3R2 - Colorful Skies (Extended Mix)

Difficulty ChangelogEdit

Version Easy Hard
3.0 4 9

Note StatisticsEdit

  • Click notes
    252 on Easy (65.97%), 462 on Hard (61.60%)
  • Hold notes
    28 on Easy (7.33%), 27 on Hard (3.60%)
  • Drag notes
    102 on Easy (26.70%), 261 on Hard (34.80%)


  • This is the shortest 3R2 song.
  • IMG 0539
    This song has glitched drag notes (as shown in the picture). However, it won't affect the gameplay.
  • Along with Sacred, Saika, Holy Knight, Sanctity and Bloody Purity, this song appears in the arcade game Mozarc. The Mozarc version track was re-used for BMS.

Helpful Info, Advice and RecordsEdit

Never say no to a cheerful electro song! Imagine the fluffy clouds drifting by as you listen to this (:D). And a (WTF Vocal Mix) someone else did! Then that was when you realized the chart is actually hard, with slanted, parallel rush notes. Tilt yourself a bit to the right, and everything is fine.
— CookiesNWaffles
This song is probably one of the most interesting songs I ever seen. Really? Overlapping drag notes? Now that's what you don't see often.
— SerialNo30000324
The hardest song in chapter 6 IMO. I'm not kidding.
— DropletKloud

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