Combo refers to the number of consecutive notes a player taps on and gets a 'Perfect' or 'Good' rating for the note successfully.

Combos can potentially affect a player's score for a song depending on the accumulated combo.

For example, a player can get a miss on a song right at the start of the song. Another player gets 1 miss too, but misses it in the middle of the song.

Formulas for calculating Score and TP:

\text{Score} = \sum_{i=1}^N \left(\frac{900,000}{N} \times S(i)+ \frac{200,000}{N(N-1)} \times C(i)\right)
\text{TP} = \sum_{i=1}^N \left(\frac{100}{N} \times T(i) \right)
  • N = Total number of notes
  • i = Number of notes at the instance
  • S(i) = Score percentage of the note
  • T(i) = TP percentage of the note
  • C(i) =
    • Total combo before this note (if the judgement is PERFECT or GOOD)
    • 0 (if the judgement is BAD or MISS)

As when you refer to the formula for score, you can also find out that the former got a higher score on the song as compared to the latter, for the same song.

Thus, accumulating a high combo is essential to get a good score no matter how many notes you Missed. The same applies towards TP calculation, except with Black Perfect and Colored Perfect

See TP and Score for more information.

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