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Hello and welcome to Cytus Challenge Fridays! (Yes, I created this page on Wednesday. Shut up.)

In case you didn't notice by now, there will be challenges on Fridays. Duh. All you gotta do is find the challenge you wanna do, grab your Cytus (and maybe headphones), and start climbing the ranks! (Yes, this is basically in case Weekly Cytus Challenges dies after the hiatus.)

How It WorksEdit

Every Friday, I'll post a challenge.

Everyone loves cookies and milk!


You need bacon to be happy.

Each song/challenge has a different Grade.

There are 5 grades in total.

Each grade gives you a certain amount of bacon and cookies.

Have fun!

Grade BreakdownEdit

O: 1st gets 3 Bacon, 2nd gets 2 Bacon, and 3rd onwards gets 1 Bacon.

A: 1st gets 3 Bacon and 3 Cookies, 2nd gets 3 Bacon and 2 Cookies, and 3rd onwards gets 2 Bacon and 1 Cookie.

S: 1st gets 7 Bacon and 5 Cookies, 2nd gets 6 Bacon and 4 Cookies, and 3rd onwards gets 5 Bacon and 3 Cookies.

SS: 1st gets 5 Bacon and 7 Cookies, 2nd gets 4 Bacon and 6 Cookies, and 3rd onwards gets 3 Bacon and 6 Cookies.

X: All get 10 Bacon and 15 Cookies!

Bacon N' Cookie LeaderboardEdit


The Hall of FameEdit


Vote For A Challenge!Edit

Killerblood Time!

  • Future World (4) (In The Lead!)
  • Musik (2)



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