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The Black Case
Icon Artist xi Genre Renaissance Hardcore
Vocal N/A Cover Art VIVI Chart Design No Info
Number 3-7 Difficulty Max Combo
Length 2:37 Easy 7 445
BPM 191 Hard 9 701


Difficulty ChangelogEdit

Version Easy Hard
2.0 6 9
4.5 7 9

Note StatisticsEdit

  • Click notes
    314 on Easy (70.56%), 479 on Hard (68.33%)
  • Hold notes
    61 on Easy (13.71%), 54 on Hard (7.70%)
  • Drag notes
    70 on Easy (15.73%), 168 on Hard (23.97%)


  • This is xi's first song in Cytus.
  • This is the longest song in Chapter 3.
  • This was the first song to exceed 700 notes.
  • This is the first song that has a triple hold note.
  • This song was previously unlocked through Facebook or Twitter(1).
  • In the story mentioned in its BGA, Alcyone was married to her husband Ceyx, and often said that they were as blissful as the divine couple, Zeus and Hera. As gods never liked how human beings compared themselves to gods, Zeus threw a thunderbolt at Ceyx's ship, and after knowing about her husband's death, Alcyone also threw herself into the waters. Out of compassion, the gods changed them both into halcyon birds. Thus, the term "halcyon days" was born.
  • This song was awarded 1st place in BOF2010(2).
  • Near the end of the song, tap notes and slide notes form the Cycon of this song(3).
  • This song is a playable song in Groove Coaster, another rhythm game, prior to 7 September 2015. It's altered and shorter compared to the Cytus version. It uses the same cover art from Parousia.
  • This song is a playable song in CHUNITHM, another rhythm game, prior to 18 February 2016.
  • This song is also playable in Sound Voltex, another rhythm game, from 25 August 2016 onwards. The cover art is from the BGA.

Helpful InfoEdit

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