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Notes Edit

  • This song is entitled "Lapse" on the song selection.
  • This song is a continuation of L4 : The Unrevealed.
  • To access the old chart, tap the script "L" that will briefly flash in the cover art shown below:
    Script L 5

Difficulty Change logEdit

Version Easy Hard
9.0 9 9
9.1 7 8

Note StatisticsEdit

  • Click notes
    560 on Easy (61.88%), 853 on Hard (60.28%)
  • Hold notes
    90 on Easy (9.94%), 114 on Hard (8.06%)
  • Drag notes
    255 on Easy (28.18%), 448 on Hard (31.66%)

  • Click notes
    709 on Easy (57.88%), 1098 on Hard (72.97%)
  • Hold notes
    110 on Easy (8.98%), 104 on Hard (9.91%)
  • Drag notes
    406 on Easy (33.14%), 303 on Hard (20.13%)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the shortest song in Chapter L.
    • Despite this, it's still longer than any non-hidden song outside of Chapter L.
  • The background photo can be linked with L4 : The Unrevealed.
  • In the end section of L4 : The Unrevealed, there is a group of tap notes that form a letter "V." This references the fact that the section is played in both L4 : The Unrevealed and this song, causing an overlap between songs, and putting the notes in a part of the song that outlines the overlap.
  • This song can be found in Deemo, another one of Rayark's games.
    L5- Lapse
  • Despite being a continuation of L4 : The Unrevealed, the songs' BPM is different (L4 is 65, L5 is 75). These are the only songs where this happened, aside from doubled BPMs.

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