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Notes Edit

  • This song is entitled "Lament" on the song selection.
  • This song will be unlocked after clearing all of the songs from L-1 to L-8 in Chapter L.
    • Some players claimed that this song can be unlocked by clearing only one song in the chapter due to a glitch. However, it's unconfirmed.
  • This is the only song (as of 9.0) to have a 4-fingered hold.
  • To access the old chart, tap the script "L" that will briefly flash in the cover art shown below:
Script L 9

Difficulty Change logEdit

Version Easy Hard
9.0 9 9
9.1 6 9

Note StatisticsEdit

  • Click notes
    916 on Easy (71.62%), 1163 on Hard (70.10%)
  • Hold notes
    56 on Easy (4.38%), 73 on Hard (4.40%)
  • Drag notes
    307 on Easy (24.00%), 423 on Hard (25.50%)

Trivia Edit

  • A cut version of this song (which stops right after the climax) can be found in Deemo, another one of Rayark's games.
    L9- Lament
  • At the start of the new chart, around combo 250, a set of drag notes and a hold note form an IX (The Roman numeral for 9).
  • At the end of the new chart, 2 hold notes start at the same spot on different scan line movements to create a sword-like visual, and this repeats 4 times. These notes also sync up to a very long violin note that would be impossible to chart on a single movement.
  • In the old chart, near the climax, A zig-zag of many drag notes overlap a long hold note. The drag notes shape a heart, and the hold note resembles the sword that's pierced the heart of the character in the cover art. This pattern also closely resembles an upside-down version of the cycon for L10: In Memory of Maneo.

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