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Arrow Chapter 0

Shoot out
Blue Eyes
Icon Artist Hoskey Genre Ethnic Folk
Vocal Megurine Luka Cover Art No Info Chart Design No Info
Number 0-4 Difficulty Max Combo
Length 1:33 Easy 3 172
BPM 64 Hard 6 239


Cytus - LNS OP01:34

Cytus - LNS OP


  • This song is available earlier in the Lambda version of Cytus. 

Difficulty Change logEdit

Version Easy Hard
1.0 (Lambda) 3 6

Note StatisticsEdit

  • Click notes
    144 on Easy (83.72%), 201 on Hard (84.10%)
  • Hold notes
    15 on Easy (8.72%), 26 on Hard (10.88%)
  • Drag notes
    13 on Easy (7.56%), 12 on Hard (5.02%)


  • This song is the second shortest song in Cytus, beaten by Alive: The Beginning.
    • Due to its short length, it also has the lowest amount of notes among all Lv6 songs.
  • This is one of the 8 songs to feature a Vocaloid.
  • The time signature is ¾.
  • This song has the third lowest BPM in the game. It is coincidentally beaten for first by Endless Journey, another song by Hoskey.
  • The title is a shortened name of "Like A Neutron Star Opening", in which Hoskey created this piece to play a homage for the doujin manga series. Endless Journey is the second opening song of the manga.

Helpful InfoEdit

Shortest song, and perhaps the easiest. I dun know what to say...
— CookiewNWaffles
Go away if you can't master this. JKJK. No patience needed, no flexibility needed, maybe a bit of rhythm, but that's all.
— MrGZJcool
Little rhythm, little skill and little patience.
— DropletKloud

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