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Arrow Chapter 3


Cranky - Libera me02:13

Cranky - Libera me

-Rave-SLave- cranky - Libera me02:41

-Rave-SLave- cranky - Libera me

【Feline Groove】【Feline Groove N】Libera me "remake version"02:38

【Feline Groove】【Feline Groove N】Libera me "remake version"

Cytus - Libera Me02:17

Cytus - Libera Me

Cranky - Libera me 【4 Versions Comparison】07:59

Cranky - Libera me 【4 Versions Comparison】

Difficulty ChangelogEdit

Version Easy Hard
2.0 4 9
4.5 5 7

Note StatisticsEdit

  • Click notes
    269 on Easy (77.08%), 369 on Hard (63.07%)
  • Hold notes
    61 on Easy (17.48%), 70 on Hard (11.97%)
  • Drag notes
    19 on Easy (5.44%), 146 on Hard (24.96%)


IMG 0203

Libera Me in Deemo

  • This song's genre is instrumental.
  • This song was published in 2004 and was remade several times. This song in the game is the recent one.
  • This is one of the 26 songs that made it into another one of Rayark Inc.'s games, Deemo.
  • This song was used in the opening of the 1.2.0 and 5.0 trailers.
  • Libera Me means "Deliver Me." It is a Roman Catholic responsory that is sung in the Office of the Dead and at the absolution of the dead, a service of prayers for the dead said beside the coffin immediately after the Requiem Mass and before burial.

Helpful Info Edit

FGO's QuickRun:
  • A Level 7 for all. Really, this is pretty much everyone's 7, and also everyone's favorite 7. Solid doubles, holds, and a piano drag at the end, it's got all of it.
— MrGZJcool
Personally an easier level 7 song, but I love this song so much that it is one of my favorite Cytus songs composed by Cranky so far (along with Vanessa). Also the first song on which I MMed and got 99TP at the same time thanks to WCC.
— CookiesNWaffles
New to level 7 Songs? Trying to achieve an upgrade? This song is what you're looking for.
— DSZ9
This seems to be a religious song due to the cover. And this is not really hard until 4.0...
— Sofia Xerneas-Yveltal
In my opinion, this song is quite easy for a level 7. It doesn't have much complex patterns. There is a lot of repeating so it is quite easy to get a good score on it.
— SerialNo30000324
Classical song in Cytus. Stable rhythm and easy chart. Everyone should be able to master this song after a short period of time. Also, cranky is one of my favourite artist, but it seems weird after the tempo change from 3/4 4/4 to only 4/4.
— LcaIebN
Easy lv7. Dat is all.
— DropletKloud
Truffly Tips:
  • Double notes. Make sure you know where you're supposed to be hitting them. That goes double for the drag notes right after them (heh, see what I did there?).
  • The double-single switches in this piece aren't too hard to handle, but make sure you're expecting them. The hold notes placed after them should be held down to their ends; always remember that.
  • The click notes found during the unclear chatter in the piece can only be described as off-sync. These sections aren't long, but I still advise relying heavily on your sight during these parts if you're aiming for a TP run.
— WheatyTruffles

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