After all I've been through, Singing is now the biggest joy in my life.
— Paff
Real name Aroma White
Birthdate March 1, 678 NA
Age 24
Gender Female
Music style Pop / Electronica
Paff Logo

Paff is a main character in Cytus II, and is one of the nine playable characters.


A singer and commercial star who enjoys immense popularity; a 24 year old girl who seems born to be in the spotlight, whether it's the virtual world or the real world.
The number of fans she has is astonishing. She can hold virtual concerts non stop for a whole week and every single session will still be packed to the brim.
Her image and every single statement she makes is closely monitored by her agency. When the cameras and lights are not on, just what kind of person is she?


Paff seems to be very enthusiastic as a singer, and has stated that singing is the greatest joy of her life.

She loves to please people, and is passionate about her job, as she often holds virtual concerts.

However, there may be some hidden parts of her personality, as she is closely watched by her agency to keep up some sort of "image".


Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos BPM
Body Talk M2U 1 8 12 128
Survive Kevin Penkin feat. Nikki Simmons 1 5 10 130
Bullet Waiting for Me (James Landino remix) Nikki Simmons 1 4 11 107
KANATA mikito 2 6 9 130
Fight Another Day (Andy Tunstall remix) Kat Penkin 2 6 10 120
Baptism of Fire (CliqTrack remix) Louise Penman 3 7 12 140
Fireflies (Funk Fiction remix) Nikki Simmons 3 6 10 130
Gravity M2U 3 7 12 128
Re:Boost EAjRock 2 5 11 175
Green Hope Re:Brych voc. Sing Sing Rabbit 3 7 11 194
Under the same sky hinode 1 7 9 150

Black Market - Song Packs

Marvelous Mix vol.1

Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos BPM
So In Love MK&Kanae Asaba 1 6 10  ?


  • The theme of Paff was arranged by SIHanatsuka.
  • Paff is one of the three characters who have a confirmed age.
  • Before version 1.5 update, Paff is the only character from the main 5 characters in Cytus II not to have a new song in newer updates.
  • This may be due to her disappearance during the story.
  • Paff's real name (Aroma White) was revealed in update 1.3 when her record company have finally reported her disappearance.
  • All 4 songs that currently have the lowest level for Easy difficulty in the game (Lv.1) all come from Paff's collection.

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