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Arrow Chapter 2

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Green Eyes
Icon Artist Rabpit Genre No Info
Vocal N/A Cover Art IGNIS Chart Design No Info
Number 2-3 Difficulty Max Combo
Length 2:05 Easy 5 367
BPM 150 Hard 7 452


Cytus - Sacred02:05

Cytus - Sacred

Difficulty ChangelogEdit

Version Easy Hard
1.0(Old Chart) 6 9
1.2(New Chart) 6 8
4.5 5 7

Note StatisticsEdit

  • Click notes
    342 on Easy (93.19%), 380 on Hard (84.07%)
  • Hold notes
    17 on Easy (4.63%), 36 on Hard (7.96%)
  • Drag notes
    8 on Easy (2.18%), 36 on Hard (7.96%)


  • 536px-Sacred

    Sacred in Deemo

    This is one of the 26 songs that made it into another one of Rayark Inc.'s games, Deemo.
  • Along with SanctitySaikaHoly Knight, Colorful Skies and Bloody Purity, this song appears in the arcade rhythm game, Mozarc.
  • The statue appears in the The Sacred Story cover art.
  • This is the only 1.0 song to not have a changed chart in 7.0.
  • This is the longest song in Chapter 2, beating Hard Landing by 2 seconds and Precipitation by 5 seconds.
  • The scan line BPM has no relationship to the actual BPM

Helpful InfoEdit

FGO's QuickRun:
  • This is one sacred chart. *coughs* Anyway, this chart has quite a bit of off-syncs, but don't worry about them. There are double-single notes though, just like Ververg ver.B, so time those right and you got'em. Do study the chart during your free time if you want to get high TP.
— MrGZJcool
Sounds Egyptian-like. But still, mysterious feeling to it. Quite a hard level 7 in my opinion, with double overlapping notes and continuous drag notes.
— CookiesNWaffles
In my opinion, this song is much harder to play than Sanctity, even though they're both level 7s. This song has a slower scroll speed and overlapping notes (which makes the song seem to have more notes than it actually has).
— SerialNo30000324
2nd hardest lv7. I'm stuck on A, and can't get an S...
— DropletKloud
I'm not quite sure if the chart is that much off-sync at this point, but hell is this a tricky song to play. The biggest highlights would be the multiple 2-1-2-1-2 patterns that are subject to overlaps. You might want to spot where these patterns are located (e.g. towards the end) before you are caught out the hard way.
— Sakusam
Truffly Tips:
  • As one who's TP 100ed this beastly 7, I highly recommend watching gameplay footage of this one. There are several off-sync and awkward moments here; just going off of instinct will screw you over.
  • Don't panic. Although these patterns seem daunting, they're just compacted double to single switches. There are times when the patterns go a bit haywire (as mentioned earlier), but for the most part, just keeping going from double to single.
  • Focus on where your fingers are going for the double rushes. Both sides travel in zig-zag patterns, so make sure your fingers aren't travelling off too far in a certain direction.
— WheatyTruffles

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