Scan Line BPM refers to the speed of the scan line moving up and down the screen. The standard Scan Line BPM is set as 120, where the scan line touches the bottom of the screen 1 second after reaching the top of the screen. Unlike the BPM of the song, the Scan Line BPM of a song is unchanged throughout the whole song. However, the Scan Line BPM of the same song could be different in easy and hard difficulties.

Some common relationships between the Scan Line BPM and the actual BPM of the song

Scan Line BPM = Actual BPM
This is the most common relationship. These songs have a Scan Line BPM equal to its actual BPM. Examples are Future World and L. In total, 145 songs have this relation.
Scan Line BPM = 1/2 of Actual BPM
Some songs have a slower scan line BPM. It is often quite tricky to get a high TP on these songs as packed notes are commonly found in them. Examples are Area184 and Megaera. Some songs have their scan line using half of the BPM on Easy while the Hard difficulty remains with its original BPM. Examples are D R G and Let's Go On An Adventure. 8 songs have this relation on both difficulties, with 24 songs having this relation on only one difficulty.
Scan Line BPM = Double of Actual BPM
There are currently only 5 songs with a scan line BPM equal to two times the actual BPM. Note that all of them either have a speedy scan line, or a very slow original BPM.
Scan Line BPM = 2/3 of Actual BPM
This relationship is only (and commonly) found in songs with a triple beat (3/4 or 3/8). Examples are Brionac and Vivere La Vita.
Scan Line BPM = 4/5 of Actual BPM
Currently there are only two songs that has its Scan Line BPM equal to 4/5 of its Actual BPM, which are Fight With Your Devil and Recollections. It is due to the song's quintuple beat (5/4). 
Scan Line BPM having no relationship with the Actual BPM

There could be two reasons leading to this situation:

  • The song has a constantly changing BPM. Since the Scan Line BPM is always kept unchanged, it is impossible for the Scan Line BPM to follow the actual BPM. An example is Morpho.
  • The scan line is set fixed as a constant unrelated to the actual BPM. Examples are Sacred and The Riddle Story.

Songs with this relation fit with the total 24 songs that have uneven or unrelated scan BPMs.

For a complete list of the Scan Line BPM of all songs in all difficulties, see Songs by BPM.

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