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Scores are the points earned and combos made at a song. The score shown above the song is the highest score you have received to date and will be changed to a higher score if you ever get a higher score. The stats button at the bottom-left corner shows your total best score for a chapter and the overall score. Scores are graded as stated below:


Score Rank Medal
1000000 Million Master [medal with the words ‘Master CYTUS’] MM
950000-999999 S [gold] S
900000-949999 A [white silver] A
800000-899999 B [grey silver] B
700000-799999 C [bronze] C
0-699999 Fail (D when posting on facebook) [none] Fail

The rank is the grade of your score where it is shown in medals at the bottom of the score of a song

  • Million Master is a perfect grade because the score had straight perfects and a perfect combo.
  • Rank S is an 'excellent' grade given because the score had very few misses or goods or few broken combos.
  • Rank A is a 'very good' grade given because the score had some mistakes.
  • Rank B is a 'good' grade given because the score had several mistakes breaking the combos.
  • Rank C is a 'pass' grade because the score had many mistakes and more weak combos.
  • Rank D is a 'fail' grade because the score had too many mistakes with a lot of weak combos and lack of practice on the song.

Technical Point (TP)Edit

The TP is the player's real score. It is converted from raw score to the timing when you hit the notes.

Read more: TP

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