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The Ricochet
Icon Artist Tsukasa Genre Trance
Vocal N/A Cover Art Ryori Chart Design BEE
Number M-1 Difficulty Max Combo
Length 3:30 Easy 6 850
BPM 146 Hard 9 1278


Cytus Million - Tsukasa - Stardust Sphere03:30

Cytus Million - Tsukasa - Stardust Sphere

猜拆Cytus 803:32

猜拆Cytus 8.0 - Stardust Sphere-1

Difficulty Change logEdit

Version Easy Hard
8.0 6 9


  • The song was used in 8.0 trailer.
  • This is the longest Tsukasa song.
  • This song became the second song that has triple click notes on Easy (The first is Bloody Purity), and the first song that has triple drag notes on Hard.
  • This is a remix of Chemical Star and Total Sphere.
    • The cover art is also a combination of the two songs mentioned above.
    • Several patterns in the Hard chart have combinations of notes from these two songs.

Note StatisticsEdit

  • Click notes
    443 on Easy (52.12%), 894 on Hard (69.94%)
  • Hold notes
    41 on Easy (4.82%), 63 on Hard (4.93%)
  • Drag notes
    366 on Easy (43.06%), 321 on Hard (25.12%)

Helpful InfoEdit

Coordination based. Beware of the triple note (Easy) and triple drag (Hard). Pretty long song so don't stress out and screw up at the end. Like...ME...URGH...
— MrGZJcool
Miss a note in 8 group notes and die at the end
— Mentholzzz
Ugh. Almost got an A.
— Deramatic
This is why I hate Total Sphere...
— Sweetie-chan
This song broke my headphones like Chemical Star... but the chart is good, understandable and fun
Even though I already TP100ed Total Sphere, I didn't expect the charts still confusing because of the "flick" notes just like Conflict... plus O O O slide notes!
— Aviel S.XY

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