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Updates for Original EditionEdit

Version Date Details
Version 1
1.0 12 January 2012
  • Cytus is released for the iOS platform worth $1.99.
  • 15 songs were released in this version.
1.1 7 February 2012
  • Added two new songs Hard Landing and Precipitation ver.B (hidden song).
  • Hidden songs feature added.
  • Renewed note charts for some songs.
  • Auto-rotation is now enabled during the Title Screen (not portrait).
  • Improved performance for iPads.
  • Fixed crashes and click sound delays.
1.2 5 April 2012
  • Added two new songs Iris and Light up my LOVE.
  • Cytus is released as trial version for the Android platform for free, $1.99 to unlock full game and rest of the songs
  • Renewed title screen.
  • Bugs exist in hold notes.
  • Newly improved tracks, note charts and difficulty levels for some songs.
  • Improved performance in song selections.
  • "Click sound" is changed to "Click FX" in Start ring screen.
  • Fixed the "Use headphones for best experence" typo.
Version 2
2.0 6 August 2012
  • Chapters system added to the game - songs are divided in groups of 9:
  • Added eight new songs and transferred Saika to new Chapter III for free.
  • The background music and title screen was replaced by the seventh chapter of the story (Loom).
  • TP system added.
  • Million Download Plan started.
  • All songs are pre-unlocked and playable right from the start (except Halcyon, that requires action from social networks).
  • Added cooldown for the Android version.
  • New sound effects are introduced.
  • Supported iOS Game Center achievements. 
2.1 27 November 2012
2.1.1 (Android) 3 December 2012
  • Fixed the bug on Hot Air Balloon question mark redirect in the selection screen in Chapter I.
Version 3
3.0 (iOS) 8 February 2013
  • The Silence (Chapter IV) released for free for achieving 100,000 paid downloads.
  • Added Vanessa (Chapter V) and The Lost (Chapter VI) with 20 new songs as IAP (Bugs fixed in next update).
  • Renewed note charts for Sanctity.
  • Improved appearance for main and song select menus.
  • Hidden song scores can now be shown during song selection.
3.0.1 (iOS) 15 February 2013
3.0.2 1 March 2013
  • (For Android) Included all the updates from previous versions of Cytus (3.0.0 and 3.0.1).
  • Fixed Darkness music track and renewed note charts.
  • Fixed "Bloody Pruity" typo in Bloody Purity in Chapter VI.
  • Facebook sharing problem corrected.
  • Minor fixes and optimizations.
  • Issue occurred for some Android devices involving store.prefs in the data files and so does 3.0.3.
3.0.3 (Android) 7 March 2013
  • Handle incomplete IAP after a disconnection or crash.
Version 4

4.0.3 (iOS)

4.0.4 (Android)

14 August 2013
  • Chapter V unlocked for free for achieving 200,000 paid downloads.
  • Added Loom (Chapter VII) and Another Me (Chapter VIII) (with 22 new songs) as IAP.
  • Renewed app icon and title screen.
  • Title screen can now be skipped during the Rayark logo
  • Unlocked Halcyon in Chapter 3.
  • Exclusive features and fixes for Android:
    • Calibration function (can be accessed by touching the gear icon inside the STATS menu in the right lower corner of the screen).
    • The annoying black loading circle in the start of the game since 3.0.2/3.0.3 is removed.
    • Minor improve performance.
4.5 6 November 2013
  • Chapter VI unlocked for free for achieving 300,000 paid downloads.
  • Added Symphony (Chapter S) with 10 new songs as IAP and as a teaser for a new game under development by Rayark, Project Symphony, which will be released in 2017).
  • Difficulty levels of all songs are adjusted to make them more reasonable.
  • "Buy now" button in cooldown is renamed to "Skip" (Android)
  • Cooldown now counts down to 30 seconds for all songs.
Version 5
5.0 29 January 2014
  • Chapter VII unlocked for free for achieving 400,000 paid downloads.
  • Added Buried (Chapter IX) and The New World (Chapter X) with 21 new songs as IAP.
  • Added two separate remix as hidden ∅ (Slit) songs to Chapter VIII:
  • Renewed note charts for Hard Landing (also track) in Chapter II and Niflheimr in Chapter VI. Their hard difficulty levels changed to 8 as well.
  • As of 5.0, there is a swiping glitch which can activate COMA or Oriens without unlocking them. See: Glitch.
  • Android features and bugs:
    • With some devices involving store.prefs in data file and old Google Play Store version, game loads forever just like in 3.0.2/3.0.3, but only white screen.
    • Starting with this version, The game will no longer download its resource (OBB) files.
  • Some text in the game is now high quality.

5.0.1 (iOS)

5 February 2014
  • Fix the issue that causes game crash while restoring purchases.
5.0.2 (iOS) 9 February 2014
  • Fix the issue that causes game crash while entering chapters 1 to 4.
  • Fix compatibility issue on iOS 5.
Version 6
6.0 (iOS)

6.0.2 (Android)

8 July 2014
  • Chapter VIII unlocked for free for achieving 500,000 paid downloads.
  • Added Knight (Chapter K) with 10 new songs as IAP, which contains the story of two girls from Holy Knight.
  • Added Cytus Alive album with 10 story songs for free (but its songs from IAP chapters unplayable in cooldown versions).
  • Added iCloud support (iOS) and Google Cloud Save function (Android) to save your game scores (Accessible in Stats menu and result screen).
  • Supported Google Play Games leaderboards and achievements.
  • STATS menu appearance enhanced.
  • Removed load times after entering songs.
  • "Quit Cytus?" dialog box replaced by different one on both iOS and Android devices.
  • Android bugs and fixes:
    • Bug while trying to update Million Download Plan with no internet displaying different text instead of "count from Cytus 2.0.0 released to..."
    • Fixed white screen bug for some devices
  • Game no longer pops up news ads after starting the game for the first time.
  • Adjusted chapter titles text in chapter selection screen.
  • Fixed text bugs on Chapter S songs.
  • Fixed positions in Result screen.
  • Locked Codename : Zero from being unlocked via Facebook/Twitter actions.
6.1 18 September 2014
  • Chapter IX unlocked for free for achieving 600,000 paid downloads.
  • Added Prologue (Chapter 0) as permanent IAP because Sony Computer Entertainment discontinued PlayStation Mobile, therefore Cytus Lambda is no longer downloadable.
  • Fixed credits for The New World.
  • Added "Kamcord" gameplay recording function to record gameplay and share it on YouTube or Facebook (on selected devices only).
Version 7
7.0 20 December 2014 (Android)

21 December 2014 (iOS)

  • Chapter X and Chapter S unlocked for free for achieving 700,000 and 800,000 paid downloads.
  • Added Chapter Retro with 11 new songs as IAP, which consists of songs composed in 8-bit/chiptune SFX.
  • Renewed note charts (and recurred some tracks) for some songs from Chapter 1 to 3.
  • The Megaera glitch, where clearing the song causes occasional crashes or the absence of the Million Master logo, is fixed.
  • Pause menu button now turns yellow the first tap to prevent accidental tap.
  • Credited M2U in the song Predawn and fixed the icon bug for Lord of Crimson Rose in Chapter K.
Version 8
8.0 1 July 2015
  • Chapter K unlocked for free for achieving 900,000 paid downloads.
  • Added Million (Chapter M) with 12 new songs for free for achieving 1,000,000 paid downloads and to celebrate the success of the Million Download Plan
  • Added Timeline (Chapter T) with 10 songs as IAP, which contains the story of Taiwan, home of Rayark Games.
  • Renewed app icon.
  • Kamcord can now record high quality videos again.
  • "Quit Cytus?" dialog box changed again.

8.0.1 (Android)

2 July 2015
  • Fixed a bug that causes some devices not to show the $4.99 padlock on Chapter T, thus giving the inability to purchase it.

8.0.2 (Android)

4 September 2015
  • Updated Google Cloud Save function to ensure correction of cloud savedata.
Version 9
9.0 12 November 2015
  • Added Chapter L with 10 orchestrated songs with difficult charts as IAP worth $9.99 (easier charts were added in 9.1)
  • Added Chapter Deemo with 10 original Deemo songs crossovered to the game as IAP.
  • Kamcord function permanently removed.
  • Reported game crash on Android 6.0 fixed.
  • Fixed the killer lag on The Ricochet when first play (some Android devices).
  • Fixed "Area 184 - Platium Mix-" typo for Area184 -Platinum Mix- in Chapter M.
  • Added cooldown for Chapter K (Android)

9.1 (iOS)

9.1.2 (Android)

22 January 2016
  • Added easier Chapter L charts, thus 20 charts in this chapter after some players gave negative opinions and complaints on the old and almost unplayable charts.
    • The old charts can still be accessible as hidden by touching the flashing "L" on each of the cover arts.
  • Fixed overlaps in the hard charts for L1: The Devastated Lower and L7 : Almighty, and in the easy chart for Undo.
Version 10 -FINAL VERSION-
10.0 (iOS)

10.0.6 (Android)

6 September 2016
10.0.9 (Android) 9 December 2016
  • Fixed not entering the game for some devices
  • Fixed compatibility issue for Android 7.1 devices

Updates for Cytus LambdaEdit

Version Date Details
1.0 26 June 2013
  • Released as an alternated Cytus game version 3.0.0, under the name Cytus Lambda.
  • New title screen and background music (The Lost - by Sta from Cytus - Alive album) is introduced in this game.
  • Included all songs from the original Cytus game, plus an exclusive chapter to Lambda - Chapter 0: Prologue, bringing a total of 72 songs.
2.0 14 August 2013
  • Released as the original Cytus v4.0.3.
  • Included 2 new chapters (VII and VIII) just like its original version.
3.0 20 November 2013
  • Released as the original Cytus v4.5.0.
  • Added Chapter S just like its original version.
    • Some of the charts in this chapter are different from the original Cytus version. Rayark had indicated that it was a mistake and promised to correct it in the next update.
4.0 ???
  • ???
5.0 February 2014
6.0 July 2014

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