So, due to a bit of digging around confusedly on CSS, we've found out that members other than admins can modify their colour schemes. Sadly, these normal members can't access CSS. No worries, though! That's why I'm here.

I'll be accepting requests from any active members wanting a new look for their comments. There are some rules, though:

  • You have to have over 500 achievement points for this Wiki in order to be considered. It may seem like a bad way of choosing members, but it's just to make sure no Wiki contributors or one-edit members can fly on in with this. This is a privilege, not a gift.
  • You have to list three sections you want modified: the background, the text colour, and the footnote text colour (ie: "by WheatyTruffles"). I'm not going to be happy if you end up having your text blend with your background.
  • You have to give me which colour you want in HTML code. If you don't know what your colour looks like in HTML, look it up.
  • You can't have the same colour as another member. Colours that are already used are: 4BA9FF (Kht48, Light Blue), 027785 (NoReplyz, Turquoise), FFFFFF (DSZ9, White), FFE4C4 (WheatyTruffles, Beige), 98AFC7 (MrGZJcool, Greyish Blue), FCDFFF (Pit-Stain, Light Pink), B2FFE2 (CookiesNWaffles, Aqua Green), 81F781 (Clayton0139, Light Green), FF0040 (Cindy Serenity, Carmine), FFFF00 (Mineso2000, Yellow), 9900FF (Semi-Squishy 3000, Purple), CECECE (Dr. Breakfast, Grey), 006400 (KhangND, Forest Green), 515050 (Luna Flina, Black), FF00FF (Ume Sama, Hot Pink) and 0B0B61 (Mentholzzz, Blueish Black).
  • You can't make fun of the way I spell colour. It has a "u", just like "z" is pronounced "zed".

And, that's it! Enjoy...

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